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Congratulations on your new TREMEC TKX! 

Before Installation

Before you install your TKX, bolt on the shifter handle and try to shift into all the gears including reverse. If the transmission was strongly jostled during shipment, the shift rails could go out of alignment and the transmission will not shift. It's a simple fix; watch the video below to learn how. If you have to remove the midshift plate, you'll notice a difference between your TKX and the TKO in the video. While the TKO's midplate had sealant, the TKX has a gasket. Once you remove the four bolts, the plate will lift off the transmission without prying and you shouldn't add sealant when you replace the plate, just replace the gasket.


Installation Manuals

Your installation manual is in the manila envelope located in the transmission box. If you're missing one or need another copy, they're also on our website. You'll find them listed by part number or you can scroll down and find it by the title.

Our installation manuals can be found here.


Bellhousing Dial-In

Failure to complete the bellhousing alignment procedure and correct any misalignment will void the warranty on your TREMEC transmission. This video will make the process easy!


Tech Support

We have tech support available to help with any installation questions, shipment issues, or any other issue you may encounter. Just call us!