Installation Manuals

EZ-TCU EZ-TCU Automatic Controller
MAA-00002 Transmission Repacking Instructions REV B
MAA-00100 Driveshaft Measuring Procedures REV B
MAA-00101 Bellhousing Alignment Inspection and Correction REV B
MAA-00102 Speedometer Cable Assembly Instructions REV B
MAA-00103 Bellhousing Alignment Dowel Pin Installation Manual REV 0
MAA-00104 Driveshaft Pre-order Measuring Procedure REV H
MAA-00105 Driveshaft AUTO Pre-order Measuring Procedure REV B
MAA-00302 Hydraulic Bearing Replacement Installation Instructions REV 0
MAA-00601 T56 Front Shift Kit Installation Instructions REV C
MAA-00701 Front Shift Shifter Assembly Instructions REV A
MAA-00801 T56 Magnum General Guidelines REV D
MAA-00802 Magnum Front Shift Kit Installation Instructions REV C
MAA-00901 TKO Mid Shift Kit Installation Instructions REV 0
MAA-02001 A41 TCU Installation Manual REV B
MAA-02002 SST A41 Troubleshooting Manual REV C
MAA-02003 A41 TCU DATALOG Manual REV B
MAA-02004 A41 Operator Manual REV A
MAA-04000 A41 with EZ-TCU Operators Manual Rev A
MAA-05000 Clutch Installation Instructions Rev 0
MAF-00100 FORD Mustang 1964.5-1970 TKO Installation Manual REV E
MAF-00200 FORD Fox Body Automatic to Manual Brake Pedal Disassembly Instructions REV B
MAF-00500 Ford Torino 1970-71 TKO Installation Manual Rev 0
MAF-00202 FORD Mustang Hydraulic Clutch Pedal Installation Instructions REV A
MAF-10100 FORD Mustang 1965-70 Magnum Installation Manual Rev A
MAF-10500 FORD Torino 1970-71 Magnum Installation Manual Rev A
MAF-11600 FORD F100 1972-79 Magnum Installation Manual Rev 0
MAG-00401  GM A-Body 1964-1972 TKO Installation Manual REV C
MAG-00402 GM Hydraulic Manual REV F
MAG-00403 RAM Hydraulic Kits Instructions GM TKO Rev A
MAG-00404 GM Hydraulic Kit Instructions GM Magnum Rev A
MAG-00411 GM-Muncie Hydraulic Manual REV D
MAG-00412 GM Underdash Hydraulic Manual REV C
MAG-00413 GM G-Body 1978-1988 Clutch Pedal Actuator REV A
MAG-00420 GM C10 Truck Hydraulic Mount Installation Manual REV D
MAG-00423 GM 1973-87 C10 Truck Hydraulic Mount Installation Manual Rev 0
MAG-00501 GM A-Body 1968-1972 TKO Installation Manual REV C
MAG-00600 GM Corvette RO Baseplate Information REV 0
MAG-00601 GM Corvette 1955-1962 (C1) TKO Installation Manual REV C
MAG-00602 GM Corvette 1963-1967 (C2) TKO Installation Manual REV C
MAG-00603 GM Corvette 1968-1982 (C3) TKO Installation Manual REV D
MAG-00605 GM Corvette 1984-1988 (C4) TKO Installation Manual REV C
MAG-00606 GM Corvette 1963-1967 (C3) Firewall Stiffener Installation Sheet REV A
MAG-00701 GM TRI-5, Street Rod, and Truck TKO Installation Manual REV B
MAG-00801 GM X-Body 1962-1967 TKO Installation Manaual REV B
MAG-00802 GM X-Body 1968-1974 TKO Installation Manual REV C
MAG-00901 GM F-Body 1967-1969 TKO Installation Manual REV B
MAG-01001 GM F-Body 1970-1981 TKO Installation Manual REV C
MAG-01100 GM G-Body 1978-1983 Frame Extension Installation Instructions REV A
MAG-01101 GM G-Body 1978-1988 Column Shift Auto to Manual REV B
MAG-01102 GM G-Body 1978-1988 TKO Installation Manaual REV C
MAG-01103 GM G-Body TKO 'Fix Kit' Instructions REV 0
MAG-01200 GM B-Body 1958-1964 TKO Installation Manual REV 0
MAG-01202 GM B-Body 1965-1970 TKO Installation Manual REV A
MAG-01702 GM C-10 Truck 1973-87 TKO Installation Manual Rev 0
MAG-02001 A41 F1 Installation Manual REV G
MAG-02002 A41 C3 Installation Manual REV J
MAG-02003 A41 GM A-Body 1964-1967 Installation Manual REV J
MAG-02004 A41 GM A-Body 1968-1972 Installation Manual REV H
MAG-02005 A41 Chevelle 1964-1967 Hardtop Installation Manual REV H
MAG-02006 A41 GM F-Body 1970-1981 Installation Manual REV D
MAG-02102 A41 GM A-Body 1964-1967 Crossmember Rework Instructions REV A
MAG-02103 A41 GM A-Body 1964-1967 Tunnel Rework Instructions REV A
MAG-02104 A41 GM A-Body 1968-1972 Crossmember Rework Instructions REV A 
MAG-02200 A41 GM Builder's Kit Installation Manual REV B
MAG-10401 GM A-Body 1964-1967 Magnum Installation Manual REV D
MAG-10501 GM A-Body 1968-1972 Magnum Installation Manual REV A
MAG-10602 GM Corvette 1963-1967 (C2 Factory Manual) Magnum Installation Manual REV C 
MAG-10603 GM Corvette 1968-1982 (C3 Factory Manual) Magnum Installation Manual REV C
MAG-10604 GM Corvette 1968-1982 (C3 Factory Auto) Magnum Installation Manual REV C 
MAG-10613 GM Corvette 1968-79 (C3 Factory Manual) Removeable center crossmember MOD Rev 0
MAG-11001 GM F-Body 1970-1981 Magnum Installation Manual REV A 
MAG-11102 GM G-Body 1978-1988 Magnum Installation Manual REV 0
MAM-00201 Ford-Mopar Hydraulic Manual REV F
MAM-00202 RAM Hydraulic Kit Instructions Ford/Mopar TKO Rev B
MAM-00203 RAM Hydraulic Kit Instructions Ford/Mopar Magnum Rev A
MAM-00401 Mopar B-Body 1966-1970 Floor Hump Sheet Metal Installation Instructions Rev A
MAM-00501 Mopar E and B-Body Firewall Stiffener Installation Instructions Rev A
MAM-00701 Mopar A-Body TKO Installation Manual REV B
MAM-00801  Mopar B-Body TKO Installation Manual REV C
MAM-01001 Mopar E and Late B-Body TKO Installation Manual REV B
MAM-01301 Mopar A-Body 1967-1975 Sheet Metal Installation Instructions REV A
MAM-01401  Mopar E-Body 1970-1974 & B-Body 1971-1974 Sheet Metal REV A
MAM-01501 Mopar B & E-Body Manual Pedal Kit Installation Instructions REV C
MAM-01502  Mopar A-Body Manual Pedal Kit Installation Instructions REV A
MAM-02001 A41 Mopar A, B, and E-Body Installation Manual REV R
MAM-02003 Mopar Column Shift Installation Manual REV C
MAM-02004 Mopar A41 Floor Shifter Installation Manual REV I
MAM-02005 Mopar A-Body Tunnel Mod Instruction Manual REV A
MAM-11201 Mopar B-Body 1966-1970 Magnum Installation Manual Rev B
MAM-11202 Mopar E-Body 1970-1974; Mopar B-Body 1971-1974 Magnum Installation Manual Rev C