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SST STX Dodge Challenger TREMEC TR-6060 6-Speed Bolt-on Performance Shifter

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Our STX® shifters (Street/Track/AutoX) provide a shorter throw and tighter feel. The simple bolt-on installation replaces the rear mount for the remote shifter in a stock Dodge Challenger TREMEC® TR-6060.

STX Shifter for a TREMEC TR-6060 from a Dodge Challenger Features:

1. Double Trunnion Design - Shorter throw, smoother shifts, and better feel compared the remote shifter found on this transmission

2. Short Throw  

3. Heavy Duty Seal - Keep your transmission fluid in your transmission

4. Compact Design - Plenty of extra room for the shifter opening

5. Super Duty Construction - made of aluminum and steel parts, no plastic!

6. Bronze Shifter Bushing

STX® Dodge Challenger TREMEC® TR-6060 6-Speed Bolt-on Performance Shifter


1. STX Bolt-On Shifter 

2. Rubber shifter tower dust boot

3. Shifter plate bolts

4. Shifter handle bolts

5. Bronze shifter bushing

Bronze Bushing

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