New Venture Gear NV4500 vs TREMEC TR-4050

The NVG NV4500 5-Speed Transmission History

First released in 1992 in GM trucks and in 1995 in Dodge trucks and was used through the early 2000s. It was available as an upgrade in light trucks and SUVs from Toyota, Ford, Jeep, General Motors, and Dodge. The early 1992-1996 models had unsynchronized reverse gears. It is a strong transmission; in fact, damage to these was usually caused by consumers who used unapproved fluids that damaged the synchronizers. Sometimes 4th and 5th gear can show excessive wear from a weakness in the main shaft clutch splines and their mating hubs. The NV4500 is no longer in production and demand for cores has emptied junkyards of stock and driven up prices.

The TREMEC TR-4050 5-Speed Transmission History

First introduced in the early '90s the TR-4050 5-Speed was a favorite of Chevrolet, Ford, and Dodge for applications that required a heavy-duty transmission. This aftermarket version of the TREMEC transmission is the result of a partnership between TREMEC and Silver Sport Transmissions to fill the need of the off-road enthusiast market and was launched in 2019. 


NVG NV4500 vs TREMEC TR-4050 by the Numbers


Gear Ratios

NV4500 vs TR-4050 Gear Ratio Table

The gear ratios that made the NV4500 explode in popularity with off-road enthusiasts are matched by the TREMEC's TR-4050. The 92-94 GM NV4500 did not have a synchronized reverse gear. The TR-4050 is synchronized in all forward gears and reverse.


Torque Ratings and Other Stats


NV4500 vs TR-4050 Stats

Torque Rating - Part of the appeal of the NV4500 was the heavy-duty torque rating. The TREMEC is much stronger, a must-have for enthusiasts who are swapping in LS and 3rd Gen HEMI crate engines.

Length - With just an extra half-inch of length, the TR-4050 can fit anywhere the NV4500 fits.

Weight - The NV4500 is a back-breaking 195 lbs versus the TR-4050's 164 lbs. This is due to the case material. While the NV4500 used cast iron, the TR-4050 makes use of a die-cast aluminum alloy to save weight while offering considerable rigidity.

Availability - This is the real crux of the issue. The NV4500 is no longer produced and hasn't been for almost a decade. Its popularity drove up prices and emptied junkyard stock. In fact, it's not uncommon to find that you'll have to provide your own core and that shipments will take weeks. When you do get your hands on one, it's not new. It's rebuilt or remanufactured. The TR-4050 is available new, fresh off the assembly line, with a factory warranty. A stock unit will ship in 1-2 days.


TREMEC TR-4050 Spec Sheet

  • 600 lb•ft Torque Capacity
  • Brand new transmission, not rebuilt or remanufactured
  • Right Side PTO - 6 bolt offers the ability to run hydraulic pumps
  • High-contact constant-mesh helical gears for maximum strength
  • Die-cast aluminum alloy housing saves weight while offering considerable rigidity
  • Multi-rail shift linkage provides excellent shift feel and performance
  • Tapered bearing on input, main and counter shafts provide excellent internal stability
  • Needle bearings under gears reduce friction and noise output
  • All forward gears and reverse gear synchronized
  • Advanced synchronizer technology promotes smoother shifting and reduced shift effort
  • Countershaft mounted 5th gear synchronizer improves noise, vibration, and harshness in overdrive


Complete Kits Available

We have conversion kits for several makes and models. Choose an application below to see if we have a complete kit for your 4WD.

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Cummins Ford GM Jeep Land Rover Mopar

Cummins Diesel

  • 4BT
  • 6BT
  • R2.8
  • 5.0


  • 289, 302, 351
  • I6 - 240, 300
  • Modular V8

General Motors

  • SBC
  • BBC
  • LS
  • LT
  • 3rd Gen I6

AMC / Jeep

  • I6 - 232, 242, 258
  • V8 - 304, 360, 410

Land Rover

  • Defender

Dodge / Mopar / RAM

  • V8 - 318, 340, 360
  • Gen III Hemi


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