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What is PerfectFit™?

PerfectFit™ is a Silver Sport Transmissions' exclusive that provides multiple benefits and addresses many concerns regarding the installation of a Tremec TKO into your classic car, street rod or classic truck.

  • Proper appearance - PerfectFit™ replicates factory shifter positioning, stub angle and height.
  • Better fit - PerfectFit™ case refinement eliminates or greatly reduces tunnel modifications.
  • Smoother drive - PerfectFit™ kits maintain driveline angle specifications for a vibration free road trip.
  • Complete kit - Installation hardware and detailed instructions are included. Full tech support is available when the wrenches begin to turn.
Is the 600 larger than the 500?

No. The external dimensions of the two are equal. Same size, same weight.

What makes the 600 handle more power?

It's all in the gearing. The 500's ratios are lower (higher numerically) which multiplies the torque transfer through the transmission more. Lower gearing equals more torque transfer for a lower torque rating The 600's ratios are higher (lower numerically) and do not multiply the torque as much. Higher gearing equals less torque transfer for a higher torque rating.

How long is your warranty?

Silver Sport Transmissions guarantees each transmission against defects and materials and workmanship for 12 months after the date of installation. See warranty statement for more details.

What happened to Keisler Engineering? I thought they made the PerfectFit™ Kit.

Silver Sport Transmissions purchased Keisler Engineering's intellectual property, testing equipment, and manufacturing equipment from the U.S. bankruptcy court on April 10, 2014. Keisler Engineering Inc. was the innovator and market leader of the PerfectFit™ transmission kit. We brought back the same superior products and knowledge you grew to expect from Keisler Engineering: the best performance parts on the market, quality control tests, high torque capacities and optimum gear ratios. No one else performs all the testing we do.
In addition to the superior engineering of our products, we will honor our warranties, keep costs down through inventory control, ship quickly without requiring down payments and respond to customer concerns quickly and efficiently.
While our engineering will impress you, our customer service will amaze you!