PerfectFit™ has many benefits and addresses many concerns regarding the installation of a Tremec TKO into your classic car, street rod or classic truck.


  • Shifter location
  • Shifter stub angle and height
  • Driveline angle
  • Transmission tunnel clearance
  • Additional required parts for installation

Shifter location - not all cars have the shifter in the same place inside the car. PerfectFit™ provides over 15 unique shifter positions that will satisfy any requirement of your build. Custom variations are also possible with your supplied measurements.

The PerfectFit™ shifter mechanism is compact and requires little clearance to fit. The shifter action is tight, crisp and has a short throw. It detaches easily for transmission installation and re-attaches without the need for re-sealing.

Shifter stub angle and height - no knuckle busters here. Every shifter stub has been engineered to duplicate the factory shifter handle angle and height for a clean installation.

Driveline angle - Each package has been engineered to maintain the driveline angle specifications. You'll enjoy smooth highway driving with no vibrations.

Transmission tunnel clearance - Every PerfectFit™ model receives custom case machining to eliminate or greatly reduce tunnel modifications. If tunnel mods cannot be eliminated, we supply you with a guide on how to modify your tunnel along with a pre-engineered and ready-to-use patch panel that can be welded or riveted into place.

Additional parts required for the installation - this covers other items that you probably already have but will not be compatible with the Tremec TKO. This is referred to as an installation kit.

  • Crossmember or crossmember adapter - Engineered for proper fit and maintains driveline angle.
  • Complete driveshaft - Arrives complete with solid, sealed u-joints and a dynamic balance.
  • Needle roller pilot bearing - Long life and pre-lubed.
  • Isolator mount - Rubber or optional poly.
  • Reverse light pigtail
  • Calibrated speedometer cable or electronic speedometer pigtail - Your choice.
  • 5 speed console shift pattern plate - Where required.
  • Hardware - Bagged and tagged for easy identification.
  • Detailed instructions - Tech support by phone always available.

~ Other accessories are available to complete your installation ~

  • Bellhousings - OEM style or aftermarket scattershield
  • Flywheels - Billet steel for high quality and safety
  • Clutch kits - Stock type or big power
  • Pedal kits - Reproduction for factory appearance
  • Shifter boots Mechanical or hydraulic clutch actuator kits for easy pedal effort
  • Shifter handles - OEM style or aftermarket

PerfectFit™ is available for:


Corvette - Camaro - Firebird - Trans Am - Malibu - Chevelle - Chevy II - Nova - Impala - Bel Air - C10 - GTO - LeMans


Mustang - Falcon - Fairlane - Torino - Galaxie


Barracuda - Cuda - Challenger - Charger - Dart - Satellite - Coronet

Custom shifter positions are available - call 865.609.8187 and we'll be happy to discuss the details of your build.