Last month, I had the pleasure of visiting the corporate campus of TREMEC® in Querétaro, Mexico. To say I was impressed is an understatement. While it’s a factory with robots, CNC machines, furnaces, raw material and transmission components as far as the eyes can see, the place is spotless. This lady’s sole responsibility is to keep the floor sparkling, and she’s amazing at her job. You could eat off this floor! It’s obvious that TREMEC takes extreme pride in delivering the best products.

TREMEC Tour Clean Floor

We followed the production of our two most popular products down the line. Starting here in the yard. This is raw material that will eventually be turned into gears and other steel components.

TREMEC Tour Raw Material

The material is cut to size and prepared for the next station.

TREMEC Tour Cutting Machine

TREMEC Tour Cut Material

After being cut to size the parts are heated in preparation for forging them into gears and shafts. They come out literally red hot! And, are then pressed into the proper shape.

TREMEC Gears Heated and Pressed

The parts are heat treated in these massive furnaces.   This will optimize the performance and extends the life of the parts by altering the microstructure of the steel.

TREMEC Furnaces Heating Gears

Formed into blanks, the gears are ready for some teeth! 

TREMEC Gear Teeth Cut

Parts are placed in these carts with plastic dividers. This way they won’t even get a scratch as they make their way to the assembly station.

TREMEC Gears in plastic dividers

Robots do a lot of the work at TREMEC. This is an assembly line with multiple robots and assemblers that each have a different job to do. Starting with the main case of the Magnum 6-Speed, it travels down the belt as each shaft, gear, synchronizer, clip, bolt, bead of sealer, and part of the case is added. At the end of the line, the transmission is leak tested. Only the ones that pass get to continue through the process. The rare reject goes to the side to be checked, repaired and tested again.

 TREMEC Magnum Assembly

The TKO has a similar process. Robin shows his enthusiasm for the TKO.

TREMEC TKO assembly line

The transmissions are also spin tested. TREMEC’s spin test machine is extremely quiet, and microphones hang all around the transmission to check for excessive noise. The results for each are logged and so if there are problems down the road, they’ll have all this data from the day It rolled off the line.

TREMEC Spin Test

Before the transmissions are boxed up, a person visually inspects each transmission. If you ever wondered why someone put colored paint dots and wrote on your transmission, this is why. This lady is counting the bolts and has two colored paint markers. She marks the transmissions that pass her inspection. This is the final inspection but it is just one step in a long line of electronic and visual inspections of your transmission as it has gone thru the assembly process.  These markings are your assurance of quality.

TREMEC Final Check

TREMEC makes much more than just the T5, TKO, Magnum and Magnum XL. They make transmissions for GM, Ford, Dodge, and others. Every day, random transmissions are picked off the line and installed into one of these test cars. The transmission gets actual road testing to verify performance for the entire batch. They do this even for the transmissions that will go to one of the big car manufacturers even though they will also test them.

TREMEC Test Garage

When I visited the shipping department, I saw transmissions that were headed to Silver Sport Transmissions and Jim and I got a photo with them. I came back to Rockford, TN the next day, but these transmissions will take a few more days to make it to our warehouse by freight truck.

Jack Silver Jim Averill TREMECs bound for Silver Sport Transmissions

My visit solidified what I already knew to be true; TREMEC takes great pride in their products. From the sparkling floors to the rigorous testing, every effort is made to ensure the customer gets only the highest quality transmission possible. They are a great source for the foundation of our PerfectFit™ and RestoFit® Kits.