STX Bolt-on Performance Shifters for TREMEC Transmissions

Did you know we sell bolt-on shifters for all stock TREMEC TKO, T-5, T-45, Magnum, and 4th Gen T56 transmissions? Even if you haven't purchased your stock transmission from us, you can get the same short, crisp shifts SST customers have enjoyed for years. While TREMEC makes a great shifter, many of our customers demand a shorter throw and more aggressive biasing. How much shorter? Check out the chart below.

  Front to Back Shifter Travel Reduction from Stock Side to Side Shifter Travel Reduction from Stock
TKO 12% 7%
Magnum 23% 39%
T-5/T-45 29% 26%
T-56 4th Gen 33% 30%

Our customers are big fans, check out this video from Ryan Buck which shows how very short our STX Shifter has made the throws on his TREMEC Magnum. As an autocross racing enthusiast, this was a big deal for him.


SST’s engineering team made several design choices that set the STX apart from other aftermarket bolt-on shifters. The STX Shifter is a double trunnion design that has several advantages over the ball and socket design used in most aftermarket bolt-on shifters, one of which is the ability to significantly reduce the shifter’s throw and keep the shifter housing nice and compact. The ball and socket design is popular because it’s inexpensive for high volume production, however, it also can contribute to the problem of leaky shifters as the nylon balls are damaged or wear over time.

STX prevents leaks by relying on a proven heavy-duty sealing system to keep fluid out of the shifter mechanism. Also, the steel and billet aluminum parts won’t wear like the nylon parts of other shifters. The heavy-duty rubber seal will last a long time.

STX Shifter vs Competitor

The way the shifter feels was as important as performance to SST. The design uses Belleville springs to give the shifter a solid feel. In the six-speed designs, a bronze bushing that is slightly more snug than the stock vinyl bushing also helps contribute to the STX’s precise and responsive feel.

High RPM shifting is improved with dual biasing springs which guide the shifter to neutral. This gives the STX shifter an almost effortless feel as the shifter travels from one shifter gate to the next. The springs make all the difference to people who like to power shift.

The shifters come with installation hardware, a dust boot cover, and complete installation instructions. A quick phone call to SST is recommended to make sure your application is covered.