Scott Franklin's 1969 GTO

Here are a few pictures of my GTO. The weather has been terrible here and I was finally able to put some miles on it tonight. The car really worked good with the 700R from Phoenix transmission. But now it works GREAT with the Tremec 6 speed transmission! What fun it is to participate in the driving experience. What fun it is to shift gears again. The decision to have a double overdrive that you suggested before purchasing was spot on, 4 gear with a 4.11 gear @ 45 mph = 2250 rpm, 5 gear with a 4.11 gear @ 55mph = 2250 rpm and 6 gear with a 4.11 gear @ 65mph = 2250 rpm which is right in the sweet spot of the 463 stroker Pontiac. Plus now it will shift into overdrive under wide-open throttle. Your guys in customer service and sales were great and the directions for install were good. It was nice to talk to tech guys that are actually car guys and use what they sell. I really enjoyed the install this winter, it was a project that turned out better than expected. The only downfall I can see is that I will probably need to re-ring and bearing my stroker motor after a summer of shifting!! But what better fun could a guy have in the down season ( maybe a 496 stroker next ) guess we will see if the 700 ft pounds of torque is accurate! Thanks for a great product.

1969 GTO TREMEC Magnum

TREMEC Magnum Installed in a 1969 GTO

Finished TREMEC Magnum Installation 1969 Pontiac GTO