Your quote will be sent to you by your salesperson in an email with a PDF attached. It'll look like the images below. When you get it, rather than just turn to the last page and the total, you'll want to look at the descriptions of each item and see what comes in the kit. 


The items marked "included" on this image are going to be "$0.00" on your quote. 

Example quote

This quote was for an automatic to manual 1969 Camaro, so it includes many à la carte items. If you are converting from a manual to manual, you may already have these parts or you may ask to add them if you don't or need to replace yours. If you need pedals and we don't supply them for your application, your salesperson will let you know. The TREMEC transmissions will work with any Hurst style two-bolt shifter, so if you need a shifter, you can let the salesperson know. Any optional parts will be added under the kit subtotal.

Quote Example

For better customer service, we almost always quote fluid, but if you would rather purchase it locally, feel free to have your salesperson delete it from your quote. The price for the transmission, kit, any additional parts, and shipping is included at the very bottom. Any discounts or taxes will also be figured into this price.

quote example