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Rick & Peg- Ready for the Long Haul in Their 1960 Corvette

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Rick & Peg- Ready for the Long Haul in Their 1960 Corvette

Some first generation Corvette customers find they don't have to notch the ashtray while others do. Rick had to modify his and he sent us some great images of the modification. He also reviewed the performance and installation.

Hello Jack, Jeff and Ben,

So glad I talked to you at Carlisle and I bought my TKO 600 from you guys. Installation went relatively easy on a lift. I think it would have been harder to do with the car on jack stands. If you're young probably no problem. My kit arrived within the week after placing the order with you while at Carlisle.

I test fitted the transmission without a clutch installed which made it easy and took my drive shaft measurement at that time so you guys could get that made up. Had the drive shaft in a few days.

Took the car out yesterday for a test drive. It was fantastic. It was quiet, no vibrations, and what amazed me was my speedometer was right on. I used a GPS to check it. I figured you guys set the gearing correctly but my old speedometer would be off.  It’s like driving a completely different car now. It accelerates different, it sounds different and the gear combination I’m running is perfect for driving around town in 5th gear.

Now I’m ready for some long distance car shows. Can’t wait to see how much my gas mileage has improved. I am more than happy with the kit. I know you’ll have some more orders coming your way.

Rick & Peg