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Hydraulics Kit - Product Spotlight

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Hydraulics Kit - Product Spotlight

Download or print a PDF version of this article here: Hydraulics PerfectFit™ Kit

Silver Sport Transmissions PerfectFit Hydraulic Kit

Kits available for Tremec TKO, T56 LS/Magnum and Muncie 4 speed

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Complete Hydraulics Kit includes:

  • Wilwood Master Cylinder - High quality
  • Pre-engineered Master Cylinder Mounting Bracket - for a no guesswork installation
  • Pedal Pushrod with Hardware
  • Remote Reservoir with Supply Hose
  • Heavy-duty Concentric Slave Cylinder - 1,000,000 cycle service life. Designed for everyday use and superior in quality compared to other aftermarket offerings.
  • Detailed installation instructions

Silver Sport Transmissions is proud to offer this complete hydraulic clutch actuator system that will eliminate your antiquated mechanical linkage, fork and throw out bearing.

This kit is also an excellent replacement for aftermarket models which suffer from frequent bleed down due to inadequate piston and fluid line seal design. Some models even lack a pre-load spring which contributes to poor clutch release and bearing noise.

The highlight of this kit is the OEM style, proprietary design release bearing. It’s rated at 7000 rpms, has a forged aluminum housing, silicone dust boot , piston wiper seals and a 1,000,000 cycle service life. This bearing is well suited for everyday use.

How it works: The Silver Sport Transmissions’ combination bearing is called the concentric slave cylinder or CSC. The CSC is designed to be in constant contact with the pressure plate fingers. The CSC is compressed at rest by the pressure plate fingers but when the clutch pedal is pushed, the master cylinder forces fluid into the CSC causing it to expand and release the clutch.

These kits are available for immediate purchase.