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TREMEC TKO, & SST A41 Conversion Kits for 1984-1988 C4 Corvette

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Enjoy Life in Overdrive

1984-1988 Corvette

Silver Sport Transmissions has the best engineered kits to continue the evolution of your 1984-1988 Chevy Corvette. Our PerfectFit™ Tremec TKO transmission case streamlining and short throw billet shifter provide the best possible fit and short, crisp shifts.

Car shows, close friends and good times are all within easy reach when you choose a Tremec TKO 5 speed or A41 automatic overdrive from SST!

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Tremec TKO PerfectFit™ Kit for Corvette


TREMEC TKO PerfectFit Kit for 1984-1988 Corvette

Ditch your ailing 4+3 and increase performance with this permanent solution!



Download or print a C4 PerfectFit™ flyer here:  C4 PerfectFit™ Kit

Download or print the installation manual here:  Installation Manual


When you convert to the Tremec TKO 5 Speed, you will experience:

  • Increased reliability compared to the 4+3
  • Increased driveability
  • Easy service


TKO Gear Ratios

TKO 500 - 3.27, 1.98, 1.34, 1.00, 0.68
TKO 600 - 2.87, 1.89, 1.28, 1.00, 0.64 OR 0.82


Silver Sport Transmissions Overdrive Kit Overview

PerfectFit™ Tremec TKO Kit Components for conversion from 3 or 4 speed manual

TREMEC TKO PerfectFit Kit 1984-1988 Corvette

  1. Tremec TKO 5 Speed Overdrive
    • 500-600 torque capacity wide or close ratio.
    • Compact billet aluminum shifter mechanism provides smooth shifting with short throws. True internal offset with perfect factory shifter positioning.
    • Quick Detach PerfectFit™ Shifter for easy installation, no resealing required, unlike other offset shifters on the market
    • Exclusive SST case customization - CNC machined for a PerfectFit™ without compromise to the transmission
    • Thoroughly tested for leaks and performance.
    • Market Leading Warranty - learn more
    • Optional Carbon Fiber Lined Synchronizer blocker ring upgrade for higher rpm shift capability
  2. 31 Spline Slip Yoke and U-Joint
    • Allows use of factory driveshaft
  3. Speedometer Connection
    • Mechanical and electronic compatible
  4. Electronic Speedometer Interface - keeps your digital speedometer functional and is easy to calibrate
  5. Reverse Light Connector
  6. Pilot Bearing
    • Super heavy duty needle roller type with lube seal for long life
  7. Torque Arm Adapter
    • No cutting of your torque arm is required and you can even use the stock exhaust hanger
  8. Shifter Boot, Handle, and 5 Speed Ball
  9. Installation Hardware
  10. Tunnel Modification Template, Cover and Detailed Instructions
  11. Detailed Installation Instructions - including free lifetime tech support
  12. Market Leading Warranty - learn more


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Optional components offered

  1. Carbon Fiber Lined Synchronizer Blocker Ring and Bronze Shift Fork Pad Upgrade
    • For higher rpm shift capability and increased durability
  2. Clutch Kit
    • High performance, long life packages with easy pedal effort tailored to your needs


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Why buy from Silver Sport Transmissions?

  1. Fast Shipping
    • Popular kits are in stock for short lead times
  2. Complete Kits
    • Why go to multiple sources for parts? Make one phone call and get things going on your project now.
  3. Excellent Customer Service
    • Lifetime tech support
    • Knowledgeable staff
  4. Premium Components
    • Only approved, high quality parts are sold by SST.
  5. Engineering Know How
    • Only SST has experienced and licensed engineers on staff. We know what fits, what works and how to install it.


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A41 4-Speed Automatic Basic Kit for GM

A41 4L60E Automatic 1984-1988 Corvette


Put it in drive and watch the gas stations go by.

Numerous magazines have reviewed the kit: Popular Hot Rodding, Hot Rod, Mopar Action and several blogs say that this transmission will bring your car "into the 21st century!"


The A41 4 Speed Automatic Transmission Basic Builder's Kit

This is the basic builder's kit, cutting and/or fabrication will be required for installation.

View the Installation Manual

A41 4L60E A41 Ratio: 3.06, 1.63, 1.00, 0.70


Available in three stages:

Stage 1 - 450 Torque
Stage 2 - 550 Torque
Stage 3 - 650 Torque



  • Low RPM Cruising
  • Great Shift Quality
  • Dyno Tested
  • Electronic Controller
  • Lockup Torque Converter with Optional Stall Speeds
  • No Tunnel Cutting 


The A41 is an excellent way to replace your tired 904, 727, 518, Powerglide, TH350 (Turbo 350), TH400 (Turbo 400), 200R4 (200-4R) or 700R4 with modern technology that offers better acceleration and a 30% reduction in cruising rpms.


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EZ-TCU Overdrive Transmission Controller

EZ-TCUThe EZ-TCU™ allows for maximum electronic control over shift points, shift firmness & shift speed. The EZ-TCU™ is fully configured and ready to run right out of the box – no tuning necessary. But for those who demand customization, the unit is also optionally fully programmable based on load, speed and RPM.

  • Maximum electronic control over shift points, shift firmness & shift speed
  • No software, laptop or experience needed
  • Completely intuitive programming interface or optional fully programmable based on load, speed and RPM
  • Multiple shift modes include full manual mode
  • Compatible with popular GM transmissions, including our A41 Automatic 4-Speed
  • Includes transmission control unit, hand-held & wiring harness


│Easy Electronic Overdrive Transmission Control • No Laptop, Previous Tuning Experience or Tuning Required

For computer controlled transmissions, nothing beats the new TCI® EZ-TCU™ by FAST™. No software, laptop or tuning experience is required. Simply install this transmission control unit according to the enclosed instructions, and then start the system by answering the simple Setup Wizard questions on the included hand-held unit. It’s that easy; the EZ-TCU™ does all the work for you!

│Optionally Programmable Based on Load, Speed & RPM • Stores (2) Custom Calibrations • Optional Paddle Shifter

The EZ-TCU™ is fully configured and ready to run right out of the box – no tuning necessary. But for those who demand customization, the unit is also optionally fully programmable based on load, speed and rpm. TCI® and FAST™ engineers took a page from the very successful FAST™ EZ-EFI® Self Tuning Fuel Injection System and designed the EZ-TCU™ programming interface to be completely intuitive. There is no real expertise needed if you want to custom program your calibration. The EZ-TCU™ is capable of real-time switchable calibrations, which allows for multiple setups. Run one calibration on the way to the track, and then with the push of a button, have a more aggressive setup ready for the race.

│Built-In Self Diagnostic Feature • INCLUDES: Trans Control Unit, Hand-Held Display, OEM-Quality Wiring Harness

Compatible with most popular GM transmissions, including the 4L60E, 4L65E, 4L80E and 4L85E, and the TCI® 6x Six-Speed Transmission. The EZ-TCU™ allows for maximum electronic control over shift points, shift firmness and shift speed. Self diagnostics allow users of every skill level to fully utilize the EZ-TCU™. The complete kit includes the transmission control unit, hand-held unit and wiring harness.

│EZ-TCU™ Information Summary:

  • No software, laptop or experience needed

  • Maximum electronic control over shift points, shift firmness & shift speed

  • Completely intuitive programming interface or optional fully programmable based on load, speed & rpm

  • Compatible w/ GM transmissions, including 4L60E, 4L65E, 4L80E, 4L85E & TCI® 6x Six-Speed

  • Includes transmission control unit, hand-held and wiring harness

  • Included hand-held can operate as electronic dash

  • Multiple shift modes include full manual mode


*Requires a Throttle Position Sensor (TPS)

Installation Instructions


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GM Basic A41 Automatic 4L60E Kit 1984-1988 Corvette

Each Basic Kit comes with the correct components for your application and will include the following parts:

  • Automatic Transmission - A41 (GM 4L60E / GM 4L65E Aftermarket replacement)
  • EZ-TCU Controller
  • Dipstick and Tube - OEM Style
  • Auxiliary Oil Cooler - High performance for Stage 2 and 3 only, Optional purchase for Stage 1 kits
  • Bellhousing
  • Lock Up Torque Converter - Electronically controlled, stall options available 
  • Throttle Position Sensor - Bolt-on unit provides throttle feedback to computer with just 3 wires
  • Rubber Cooler Lines
  • Speedometer Cable - Mechanical Speedo Cable
  • Hardware - High strength grade 8 fasteners standard
  • Wiring - Plug & Play wiring harness
  • Inspection Cover
  • Slip Yoke
  • Reverse Light Wiring

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