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Silver Sport Transmissions Featured on TV & in Magazines


Hellbird Graveyard Carz

Graveyard Carz 1970 "Hellbird", Seasons 8 and 9 - Available on several streaming services

Mopar needed someone to debut the Hellcrate at SEMA and chose the ghouls at Graveyard Carz. An engine strong enough to be dubbed the "Hellcrate" needed an equally tough 6-Speed. Graveyard Carz contacted Silver Sport Transmissions for the TREMEC Magnum 6-Speed with our STX Shifter and original look pistol grip shifter (with 6-speed pattern). Needless to say, this car was a HUGE hit at SEMA! Build sheet and more photos can be found on Magnum Force's website.

Pettys Garage Superbird

Petty's Garage Smithfield 1970 Superbird Clone Giveaway Car

Smithfield Grocery contacted Petty's Garage to build them an all around performance car that anybody could drive and would drive for a giveaway prize. Smithfield's last giveaway car was a bit too rowdy for a daily driver; this Superbird would be a car that could be someone's daily driver. Petty's Garage tracked down a solid 1970 Road Runner to transform into the Superbird clone. When it came to finding a transmission that would be strong enough for the 392ci Mopar Performance Gen III Hemi and also be drivable for the average person, Petty's Garage knew that our A41 4-Speed automatic would be the best fit.

You can read about the car, see tons of photos, and find links to the entire series of articles written about the Superbird build on Hot Rod Magazine's website.

August Cederstrand TKO

Mopar Connection - August Cederstrand

August Cederstrand's 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner had a factory 4-speed in it, but he wanted to go to an overdrive transmission. After speaking with us, he chose to go with a TREMEC TKO 5-Speed. Just like many of our customers, he installed the TREMEC TKO in his driveway with hand tools. For everyone out there thinking of tackling the task themselves, he took photos and wrote an article documenting the entire experience.

You can read his article, "Gallery: Silver Sport Transmissions' Easy-To-Follow 5-Speed Swap Done With Hand Tools" on Mopar Connection's website.

2005 Mustang GT Harrison Noble

Ford Muscle - Harrison Noble's 2005 Mustang GT

Harrison Noble called us after he broke his stock transmission in his 2005 Mustang GT. He had beefed up the engine and a stock transmission wouldn't be able to handle the abuse he was throwing at it on the dragstrip. TREMEC makes a transmission just for 2005-2014 Mustangs, the Magnum XL which can handle 700 ft•lb continuous torque. Harrison installed the kit over three days, in a home garage, on jack stands, using only hand tools. 

Read about his installation on Ford Muscle's website.

Raging Bird Jason Bair Customs

2017 SEMA & Barret Jackson - Bair Customs - 1969 "Ragingbird" Plymouth Road Runner

Jason Bair with Bair's Customs often calls us when he needs a transmission for his builds. A build of this caliber needed the best available parts. He got a TREMEC Magnum 6-Speed with our STX Shifter and a carbon fiber look pistol grip shifter handle. You can read more about this build and see loads of photos on Mopar Connection's Website.


Graveyard Carz 1971 Cuda Operation Firepower

"Graveyard Carz" Season 7, Episodes 3, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 (Available on Amazon)

Mopar had a top secret product to debut at SEMA 2016 and they knew exactly who to call, the Ghouls at Graveyard Carz. Mark Worman agreed to participate in "Operation Firepower", but a stock transmission wouldn't be able to handle a 392, 6.4 HEMI with 485 HP and 472 lb•ft of torque. Worman, a renowned Mopar purest, called us up for a solution for the 1971 Plymouth Cuda. We provided a TREMEC Magnum 6-Speed PerfectFit Kit with a Pistol Grip shifter to keep everything looking original and also pair well with the new HEMI. The production staff filmed the build and in 2017, the world got to see Operation Firepower in action on the 7th season of "Graveyard Carz".

Ron Jenkins of Magnum Force provided the suspension and chassis and appears on several of the "Operation Firepower" episodes. He made a webpage with a build sheet, build photos, behind the scenes photos and more on his company's website so other people could replicate the build. Visit Magnum Force's Website.


The Bomb Factory 1968 Plymouth Fury

"Big Easy Motors" Season 1, Episode 11 (Watch on the History Channel)

Charles Handler, a Knoxville, TN native, approached us about putting one of our transmissions in a car for his show. His shop, The Bomb Factory, would soon be getting its own TV show, "Big Easy Motors". The show focused on finding deals on cars that needed a little TLC, making a few improvements, and finally putting the car up for auction. We supplied a TREMEC Magnum Kit for a 1968 Plymouth Fury 3. This car went from a grocery getter to a street legal racer with a killer paint job to match.

See more photos and read about the build on Hot Rod Magazine's website.

"Big Easy Motors" only lasted one season, but you can still stop by The Bomb Factory and they'll be happy to install one of our PerfectFit Kits in your car! Visit their website.

Mopar Connection A41 Brazen

Mopar Connection - Kevin Shaw's "Brazen" 1969 Dodge Charger R/T

Kevin Shaw of Mopar Connection wanted his 1969 Charger R/T "Brazen" to build a car that could run 10's in the quarter, but still be able to be driven around town as much as possible. His TorqueFlite 727 wasn't cutting it. He called us up, discussed his options, and decided to go with our A41 Automatic 4-Speed. The overdrive alone gave it an advantage over the 727, but he found that the first gears also had an advantage with a snappier acceleration and a quicker rate to the final gear. The shift quality also improved with the customizable electronic controller.

Read more about the Brazen on Mopar Connection's website.

Evan Dalley Little Sweetie Total Cost Involved

Total Cost Involved - Evan Dalley's "Little Sweetie"

TCI'S Sales Manager, Evan Dalley called us after he had blown through four transmissions in one year. The 1963 Nova had a Quicktime bell, McLeod dual disc clutch, and a Gear Vendors overdrive on a Muncie and still managed to break four Muncie transmissions, twisting the input shaft and blowing up the first gear cluster every time. Frustrated, he looked to us for a solution. We recommended the TREMEC Magnum 6-Speed with the STX shifter. The Magnum could definitely take the abuse and the STX shifter would shorten his throw and help him row through the gears on the track as fast as possible. He still drives it, you'll see him at various racing events. 

The Nova was a father/son project with Evan's dad. To read about the history of the car and to read more about all the changes the build has gone through to make it perform better on the track, check out "TCI's '63 Nova: Hugging Corners and Slaying Cones" on Chevy Hardcore.

Jimmy Matthews 1972 Nova Total Cost Involved

Total Cost Involved - Jimmy "Tater" Matthews' 1972 Nova

TCI sponsored driver, Jimmy "Tater" Matthews can be found dodging cones almost every weekend. When he came to us, he wanted a transmission that would stretch a little further with better gear ratios for his application and he also had problems with his TH350 overheating. The TREMEC Magnum had a better launch gear, better gearing overall and with the high torque capacity, the car had room to grow. Many of his friends had TREMEC Magnums in their car, that's how he knew it was the right choice for him, but his friends didn't have a Magnum with Silver Sport Transmissions' STX bolt-on shifter. When Jimmy came to pick up his car and drive it the first time, he was BLOWN away! The STX made his throws so short and crisp! The minute his friends shifted a Magnum prepped by SST, they started calling us for new shifters.

There are lots of articles out there about Jimmy, but here's one just about the swap to the TREMEC Magnum on Chevy Hardcore's website.