We get a lot of questions about the Tremec TKO so let's cover some basics.

TREMEC TKO 5-Speed Manual Transmission

• Is the 600 larger than the 500?

No. The external dimensions of the two are equal. Same size, same weight.

• What makes the 600 handle more power?

It's all in the gearing. The 500's ratios are lower (higher numerically) which multiplies the torque transfer through the transmission more. Lower gearing = more torque transfer for a lower torque rating The 600's ratios are higher (lower numerically) and do not multiply the torque as much. Higher gearing = less torque transfer for a higher torque rating

• Why do some people miss the 2-3 upshift?

Human error. The TKO shift gates are very close and when the adrenaline is pumping (dragstrip - cruise night - impressing the ladies) there is a tendency to push the shifter handle too far to the right when shifting. The proven technique for nailing the 2-3 upshift is to use an open palm on the back of the ball and just push forward. Let the shifter do the work and make you look good!

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