Your quoting process is very fast; however, very thorough, efficient, and the service was amazing. I asked a bunch of questions and Gene was right there answering them and following up. When he needed to check a dimension or make sure the approach was sound, he was very quick and thorough. When he thought I was wrong about my approach he was very patient and polite, educating me and making sure I get the right solution, not just selling me stuff I don't need. I was so impressed by Gene, I will be ordering the whole solution from crank to rear, not just a transmission. I will be putting this order in some time in August. Please tell Gene personally how he impacted a customer. I will be following up with Gene personally because he has amazing customer focus. He was polite, well spoken, and knows his business.

Anyway, I assume you would like feedback, here is my feedback: I was going to buy all the pieces from various component vendors; now I will be getting the whole solution through Gene. Instead of SST making the typical $3,000 gross sale, Gene just doubled your gross sale because he listened to the customer and was very patient about getting me just what I needed. I manage 20 engineers as my business and I would have Gene as my front line with customer interface. Thank you for employing Gene, he needs a raise... :-)