SST's TREMEC TKO PerfectFit™ Shifter

TREMEC TKO 5-Speed Shifter Tower Blowout PerfectFit Shifter

When installing a Tremec TKO, shifter location is an important consideration for many people.  Out of the box, you have two shifter positions to choose from at no extra cost, but they only work for a couple of applications.

To achieve a proper fit, choose our PerfectFit™ shifter that adds more than 15 unique shifter locations to the TKO.  Variations of these positions are also available for infinite cominations to cover any build requirement.

In addition to the proper shifter location, the shifter also has short and crisp throws without the excessive play found in other popular branded shifters on the market.

The Silver Sport Transmissions Shifter Tower comes in most SST PerfectFit™ TKO 5 Speed Kits and includes these design features:

  • Positive dual spring biasing for easy 2-3 upshifts
  • Rock solid steel and aluminum components
  • No fluid leaks - ever
  • Compact