Michael Medero has two Chevelles, and he purchased two kits from Silver Sport Transmissions! His first kit was an A41 Automatic PerfectFit™ Kit for Chevelle which he put in the black Chevelle. His 2nd kit was a TREMEC TKO 5-Speed PerfectFit™ Kit for the red car.

Medero Chevelles

Medero documented his entire build in his 1966-1967 Chevelle Restoration Facebook Group. We've pulled out the posts about the installation of the TREMEC TKO PerfectFit Kit from Silver Sport Transmissions and put them in chronological order here for you, but you should definately check out the page, not only does he post, but many of the members post about changes and repairs they've made to their cars and beauty shots of their cars in various locations. Click the dates to see the original posts, view all the photos for each post, or to like and comment.

July 11th

Wow! We were gone for a month on vacation and the spiders and insects have started to take back over the garage. Now that we're back the 67 is back in the trailer so the garage can be cleaned and straightened... Time to shift gears and get this automatic to 5 speed manual conversion started...

TREMEC TKO 5 Speed PerfectFit Kit


July 13

I finally had the chance to break out the instruction for the Silver Sport Transmissions Automatic to Manual Transmission (TKO 500) conversion kit, it looks like I have a lot of reading to do before I shift into this installation. This is going to be fun! The A/C is definitely going on in the garage tomorrow morning...

TREMEC TKO 500 PerfectFit Kit for Chevelle


July 15

Tonight after dinner I headed out into the garage to finally get started on this transmission install/conversion, Deb helped me remove the TKO 500 from its box and we test shifted it per the directions and it was smooth. The next step is going to be the Bellhousing to Crankshaft Alignment but my engine is still in the 66 so I'm not going to start on it tonight... I must say though, this Silver Sport Transmission Bellhousing is light and badazz...

TREMEC TKO 600 PerfectFit Kit for Chevelle


July 16

The engine is out and Bellhousing is on and torqued to 25ft lbs. Now I need to find a dial indicator to check the Bellhousing to Crankshaft alignment.

621 Bellhousing


 July 17

I just ordered the Dial indicator from Silver Sport Transmissions... I Really dig shooting the bull and doing business with them, they're a very knowledgable and friendly bunch of folks. 
I guess I am going to install the new pedals and get an idea of where I am going to run the hydraulic clutch master cylinder...
I think I need to clean my garage as well... It is a mess.

621 Bellhousing Silver Sport Transmissions


 July 22 2:02 PM

So the other day I found myself having to modify my pedal bracket assembly to make the new pedals work... considering the amount of modifying that might be required to make this work I called Silver Sport Transmissions to discuss, their customer service and tech support quickly identified that I had in fact been sent the wrong set and quickly sent out a correct set... I received them yesterday and this morning the new pedals went together without any fuss... A simple mistake that was corrected quickly... Thanks again Silver Sport Transmissions for having my back! You all are awesome!

Silver Sport Transmissions Customer Service


July 22 7:05 PM

This afternoon I decided to tackle the Bellhousing to Crankshaft Alignment. I first installed and torqued the flywheel to 60ft lbs., I then mounted and torqued the Bellhousing to 25ft lbs. With Debbie's help we located the closest point of the Bellhousing to the Crank centerline, labeled it with a "C" and then set the Dial Indicator back to zero... while watching the Dial Indicator we rotated the engine looking for the Total Indicated Runout (T.I.R.) so we could figure the misalignment which is equaled to one-half of T.I.R.
T.I.R. = 0.014"
Misalignment = 0.007"
Offset pins needed = 0.007"

Offset pins available at Silver Sport Transmissions
0.005" --> 0.010" misalignment requires 0.007" offset pins
0.011" --> 0.017" misalignment requires 0.014" offset pins
0.018" --> 0.026" misalignment requires 0.021" offset pins

Another step in the right direction...

Bellhousing Dial-In


 July 22 10:29 PM

0.007" Offset pins ordered... after dinner Debbie and I temporarily mounted the transmission, tomorrow we'll conduct a test fit, check for clearance, and get the driveshaft measurements... Hopefully the transmission clears the floor but if I have to cut it I will.



July 23 1:29 PM

This afternoon after lunch I mounted the transmission mount and temporarily removed the shift tower... Time to get the car ready for the test fit.

 TREMEC TKO 5 SPeed from Silver Sport Transmissions


July 23 8:23 PM

This afternoon Debbie and I dropped in the engine and transmission, it only appears to be hitting where the shifter tower will go... After cutting and laying the template I proceeded to remove the metal... I am thinking this is all that will need to be done... Yay me! Oh I still need to clean the hole I made.

TREMEC TKO 5-Speed PerfectFit Kit


July 24 5:15 PM

This afternoon I am going to finish up the test fitment of the transmission, drill holes for the new location of the crossmember, measure for the SST provided driveshaft, and temporarily install the driver's seat to determine the length of the shifter I would like to have custom made...



July 24 10:53 PM

Test fit complete! The engine and SST transmission should be coming out soon... With a little metal dimpling to the upper left corner of the tunnel near the shifter hump we should be good... Debbie and I measured for the SST provided driveshaft (60" 1/8)...The 8" shifter I used for the test fit is definitely to short and straight. It did feel good to sit in the driver's seat again, even if it was only for a minute.

TREMEC TKO 5 Speed in a Chevelle SST Kit


July 25 8:03 PM

Debbie and I removed the engine and transmission this afternoon, I've dimpled the tunnel where needed, cleaned up and fitted the new shifter hump and plan to weld her in tomorrow. The new dowel pins should be here tomorrow or Thursday but while waiting I still need to work the clutch master cylinder and reservoir fitment and a few other things...

TREMEC TKO INstallation


July 27 4:37 PM

 Pedal assembly and steering column are temporarily installed. The fitting of the Clutch master cylinder is in the works and the corrected dowel pins from RobbMc came in yesterday. Today I had to get a new regulator for welder so I could finish the work on the shift hump and tunnel. There is a lot of things going on at once to complete a project but I'm having fun.

TREMEC TKO Installation Chevelle


July 27 6:57 PM

Shifter Hump welded in for the Silver Sport Transmissions provided 5 Speed automatic to manual conversion kit, a little seam sealer and some paint to protect and weather proof the area and it is done. After dinner I'm moving on to something else, maybe those dowel pins.

TREMEC TKO Chevelle Tunnel Hump


July 27 10:10PM

Tonight I used the leftover POR Patch Seam Sealer to seal up the Shifter hump and then moved back over to cutting out the hole in the steering column plate for the Clutch Master Cylinder.



July 28 5:18 PM

This afternoon I removed the old dowel pins with a hammer an punch, I was surprised that they had came out so easily. I installed the new dowel pins from RobbMc and rotated them so they corrected the alignment of the bellhousing to crankshaft. After installing the SST Bellhousing and torquing it to 25ft. lbs. I checked the corrected alignment with the dial indicator and we're all good.... I am very happy with the progress thus far.

Dowel Pins Bellhousing


July 28 9:51 PM

Tonight after dinner I reinstalled and torqued the flywheel to 75ft. lbs., installed the pilot bearing, clutch disc and pressure plate, mounted the bellhousing, and then check/recorded the bellhousing to the surface of the clutch fingers of 2.5"....



July 30 2:55

Continuing on with the Silver Sport Transmissions Automatic to Manual conversion...
This morning I decided to tackle the RAM Clutch hydraulic bearing installation and bearing cushion gap. With the pressure plate and disc mounted and torqued to the flywheel Debbie and I measured the distance from the bellhousing to the surface clutch fingers as 2.717" (depth measurement X)(X= 2.717")... 
We then pre-lubricated the hydraulic bearing and installed it on the TKO-500 without any provided spacers to get an initial measurement. Holding the straight edge across the face of the throw-out bearing Debbie and I measured the distance from the face of the bearing to the bellhousing mounting face of the transmission, recording this as measurement ( Y). (Y= 2.704") 
(X) - ( Y) = Cushion Gap
(2.717") - (2.704") = 0.013"
The required cushion gap for the RAM hydraulic bearing is 0.150 to 0.200" (Single Disc Clutches)
With the Cushion Gap measurement of 0.013" being less then the required 0.150" it looks like I am going to need a bellhousing spacer to move the transmission and bearing further away from the engine block.

Bellhousing alignment


July 30 6:06 PM

I'm thinking this is going to be the final location for the clutch reservoir, I am going to use an existing hole in the firewall, add a hole and use a couple spacers to complete the mounting. Now I need to pay some attention to the steering column and brake system before we complete this transmission and engine installation.

Hydraulics Silver Sport Transmissions Chevelle


August 1

Today we purchased some stainless steel hardware, teflon and felt spacers to finish mounting the clutch reservoir tonight.


Hydraulic Kit SST


August 2

Driveshaft arrived yesterday and the transmission to bellhousing spacer arrived today but before I finish this install I want to run the brake lines and complete a few other things in the engine compartment. The steering column is coming along and I have a couple of things coming in to freshen it up to include a new steering wheel. Mark I decided to go with the semi-flat black paint for the clutch reservoir mounting plate and brake master, thanks for the recommendations.

Steering column bellhousing plate 

We'll keep you updated here for the rest of the installation, or follow along on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/394038137362182/