Lonnie Modified His 2nd Gen Corvette Crossmember


You can see the photos of Lonnie's mods below in the gallery.  He also took the car out for a drive and gave us a review of his Tremec TKO 5-Speed PerfectFit™ Kit:

Hi Jeff,

Took the car about 20 miles to a cruise, and it drove beautiful. With 3:55 gears my 1st gear is effortless, and it cruises great at 70 to 75. Your trans kit is probably the one best modification a person could make to a classic. I also included some pictures of my cross member mods. Like it or hate it, it made putting the trans in a snap, and it's not going any where. All of the staff are wonderful also. Thank's for helping me make the right decision.


Thanks for Sharing Lonnie!