1981 Camaro with Silver Sport Transmissions TREMEC TKO PerfectFit Kit

Jim installed a stock, out of the box TREMEC TKO into his 1981 Camaro. He did purchase an offset shifter stub, which put the shifter close to the stock location, but his driveline angles were completely off. Plus the shifter wasn't completely right either. He came to us with this complaint, "While the unmodified version worked with the offset shifter stub....it still did not allow the shifter body to clear inside the shifter opening.  This created an annoying driveline vibe because I was not able to lift the tail of the transmission high enough."

We sent him our Silver Sport Transmissions PerfectFit™ TREMEC TKO for 2nd Gen F-bodies. The streamlined transmission and compact shifter were able to get the correct driveline height in the tunnel, he only had to massage the tunnel a little where the corners of the TKO interfered. In Jim's experience, the transmission was able to come up an additional 5/8" to 3/4", correcting the angle. He now has no vibration (although he does believe years of driving around with bad driveline angles have damaged his U-joints, which he plans to replace).

As for how the transmission shifts, Jim's smile says it all! He likes "that [the SST Shifter] feels so firm". He's proudly wearing his SST hat while taking his Camaro out on a test drive.

Jim Kehler 1981 Camaro TREMEC TKO PerfectFit Kit from Silver Sport Transmissions