Jack Silver CEO Silver Sport TransmissionsJack has over 27 years of manufacturing experience, retiring from Braden Manufacturing, LLC in 2003. He held the senior management positions of VP/GM of the Shielding Division, VP of Operations and VP of Administration while at Braden. Jack was part of the senior management team when Braden grew from $8M in annual sales to over $100M.

In 2012, Jack began restoring a 1986 El Camino. After researching different options for his transmission, he decided the best quality transmission available was produced by Keisler Engineering. When he learned Keisler Engineering had gone into bankruptcy, he couldn’t understand how this happened to a company with such a great product. So, he traveled to Knoxville, TN to investigate for himself.

Jack’s due diligence convinced him that it was not the fault of the product. The PerfectFit™ products are the best on the market and there is a strong demand from the industry to see these products made available again. So with a little help from his friends, the Company’s assets were purchased and Silver Sport Transmissions, LLC was formed.