How To: Change from Mechanical to Hydraulic


First, remove the existing mechanical clutch linkage assembly.  This may include a bellcrank, push rod, throwout lever, and other springs and parts; consult your owner's manual.


Mechanical Linkage

Second, remove the front bearing retainer off of the transmission and install the hydraulic system's bearing retainer.  Detailed instructions are found in the installation manual below.


Bearing Retainer

Third, mount the master cylinder to the firewall.  This will have to be done at the proper angle so when you depress the pedal it applies direct pressure with the pushrod.  If the angle is incorrect, the pushrod can bend or break or cause other damage.  This will require some fabrication, however, Silver Sport Transmissions has taken much of the guesswork out for most makes and models with our PerfectFit™ Hydraulic Kit.


Correct Angle for Master Cylinder


Detailed installation manuals for GM and  Ford and Mopar.

Underdash directions for GM can be found here.

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