The Hellephant is coming, and we’re ready to harness its power! You can purchase your TREMEC 6-Speed from several sources, but if you purchase from Silver Sport Transmissions, you’ll have advantages not found anywhere else!


  • Hellephant TREMEC 6-Speed MagnumOnly SST’s MOPAR TREMEC 6-Speed Magnum Transmission comes with a PerfectFit™ factory correct shifter location that will fit in your factory console. BONUS, our STX™ Short Throw Shifter is included!
  • SST’s Hellephant package comes with a QuickTime SFI Scattershield. The Hellephant puts out so much horsepower, you’ll want a steel bellhousing for safety.
  • SST’s Hydraulic Clutch Actuator Kit includes a million-cycle slave cylinder AND a Wilwood master cylinder with a mounting bracket that gives the exact angle you need for your classic Mopar’s clutch pedal, no guess work!
  • You’ll need a new Pilot Bearing for your new engine/transmission combo and SST’s kit comes with the correct one.
  • None of the TREMEC Magnum transmissions will work with your stock crossmember. SST’s engineers designed a new center section for the Torison Bar Crossmember that will work with the Magnum transmission AND continue to be strong enough to support the factory torsion bar suspension!
  • Dynotech Slip Yoke and Driveshaft with options! You’ll need a new slip yoke no matter what and while you can cut your old driveshaft, it’s a good choice to go ahead and change it too. You can choose to take our standard steel driveshaft or you can upgrade to aluminum or carbon fiber material for a light weight, yet strong alternative.
  • A 1000 HP Hellephant requires an equally tough Dual Disc Clutch. SST’s Advanced Friction™ Dual Disc Clutch is the best of both worlds, with the performance you need and the street manners you and your passengers will prefer!
  • A flywheel can make or shake a car and SST’s Advanced Friction Flywheel is up to the challenge. Perfectly balanced and made for all the power the Hellephant can give, it’s a vital component for your conversion.
  • Hardware – finish your install without constant trips to the hardware store!
  • Complete Instructions – step by step with photos


Other components SST Offers

  • Pedals
  • Shifter Handles
  • Shift Boots and Trim Rings 
  • Shifter Knobs


And best of all, when you compare apples to apples our price can’t be beat!