Charlie Owens first drove this 1974 Camaro when he was 16. It belonged to a friend of his from high school.


Sean Cagle was days away from graduating, enjoying some time at the lake, when he dove in and broke his neck.  It was May 22, 1983 and he would've graduated in just four days on May 26th. His brother, Jeff, stored Sean's 1974 Camaro away as a tribute to the brother he lost. Thirty-two years later, Jeff runs into Sean's good friend Charlie Owens. Charlie remembered Sean's 2nd Gen and even got to drive it when he was 16. Jeff sold the car to Charlie and Charlie got to work restoring his buddy's car.


The first thing Charlie updated on his car was the engine with a 383 Stroker Kit with an Eagle Rotating Assembly built by James Grey of Greytech Autobuilt. The new engine was great and he loved it, but the original Muncie 4-speed just wasn't cutting it. He turned to Silver Sport Transmissions and soon he had a Tremec TKO 5-Speed PerfectFit Kit installed. 


Charlie loves the car now. He says the Tremec TKO 5-speed made it so enjoyable to drive, especially on the interstate and highways. He knows he doesn't have a show car, he doesn't want one.  He just wants to drive his friend's car, a tribute to a friend who was lost too soon.