Charlie's Corvette Dreams Come True


Charlie was 8 years old in 1969 when his Step-Dad let him drive his 1960 Vette for the first time.  He caught the Corvette itch that day and through his life many Corvettes have come and gone, but the one he always remembered still sat in his Step-Dad's garage.  You can read the story of how his dreams come true here.

Once he started rebuilding the 1960 Vette, he knew he needed a new drivetrain to turn the wheels.  He also knew the TKO PerfectFit™ Kits SST acquired from Keisler and continue to develop are by far the best on the market.  Here's his email to us and some photos of the Vette that stole his heart.

Hello Silver Sport Team,

I want to personally thank you for helping me make progress on my 1960 Corvette project.  I also enjoyed reading about the SST story and how you revived the Keisler dream.  I always thought that they had a great product to offer the market, and was disappointed when they were gone.  I am glad that I stumbled upon your website last month and asked for help.  Of the four emails I sent out requesting guidance and help on my transmission dilemma; SST was the only company to reply.... Again, thank you.

Attached are 11 pictures of my Vette.  One from when my Dad started removing the paint back in 1967 (that is me doing the “Photo-Bomb” hiding behind the car in the background), a few from when I resurrected it from his garage in San Diego, and a few of what she looks like now here at her new home in Houston.  I have the motor ready to drop in, and now the remaining transmission parts thanks to SST.  Interior is almost completed as well.  It has been a slow (and rather expensive) project.  Should have it finished in November or December, so the total project timeline will be a two year adventure.  But well worth it.  This car has been in my family since the mid 60’s, died a slow death 30 years ago, and will be alive again in 6 months.

Many Thanks,

Charlie M.
Houston, Texas USA