I had a special day yesterday and would like to share my experience.

Just as I was getting in my '57 Chevy convertible to go home from the car show in Eagle River, three men with a blind teenage girl came up to ask questions about the car. What engine, How long have you had it ? etc. long story short.. Her dad asked if he could show the car to his blind daughter. How does a person show a blind person something ?? I didn't know what to expect but said "Sure". Her dad showed her the car by holding her hand and touching almost every area, both inside & out and explained to her what it was or did.. Fenders, hood, chrome pieces, grill, glass even the tires. He was very thorough. When they approached the passenger door, I opened it and offered her to sit inside. Her dad showed her the dash, clock, door handles and window cranks with his & her hands, explaining each as they were touched.. I asked her to hold her hands out and I dropped the keys in her hands then folded her hands around the keys. I told her to give the keys to her dad and take a drive around the parking lot.. I closed the door and he slid in behind the wheel.. I felt a lump in my throat.. This was something special for me. He drove her around the parking lot for about 5 minutes. She was smiling when she got out and her dad had tears streaming down his face.. I asked her for a hug and I got a one of the best ever.. It was an emotional time. My eyes leaked too.. We all shook hands and they went inside to see the car show.. I was smiling the most.

It was really nice to help bring an experience like that to someone less fortunate...

Taylor is 16, a near 4.0 student and completed Alaska's Blind education program. Soon Taylor will continue her advanced education in New York .

Several people watched as Taylor's dad drove around the parking lot and waved as they drove by..

I am blessed in many ways.. and yesterday, being a car guy with Taylor was a very special day.


Ben also shared some photos with us of his car and his recent visit to beautiful Mt. Denali in Alaska. His 57 Bel Air has a Silver Sport Transmission Tremec TKO 5-speed kit in it!