Angela Leonard

  • BA- Tennessee Technological University

Angela has 25 years experience in inventory management, contract negotiations, operations, manufacturing and program management with senior level responsibilities in purchasing and procurement. She was the Purchasing Operations Manager at Goody's Family Clothing, Inc. 1998 - 2006, responsible for working across multiple department lines to streamline and improve operational processes. Her efforts resulted in a $1.4 million dollar savings in store supply by standardizing and consolidating suppliers and vendors. Prior to Goody's, Angela was at the Scientific Ecology Group in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Her implementation of various inventory control systems resulted in a savings of over $500,000 in the first year for SEG. Angela was Council Leader for SEG’s TQM program, recipient of Pride in Performance Award, and was selected to speak at the Integrated Supply Management Conference Chicago in June 1997.

As a classic car enthusiast, growing up just 4 miles from Bristol Motor Speedway, Angela has been around classic cars most of her life. She enjoys driving her restored 1965 Impala convertible with her trusty Cairn Terrier riding shotgun. Her expertise in inventory control and knowledge of the classic car aftermarket make her a perfect fit for the Silver Sport Transmissions team.