Silver Sport Transmissions Advanced Friction Clutch Kit

The Advanced Friction™ Clutch Kits by Silver Sport Transmissions were designed to provide a high level of performance and longevity with pleasant driving characteristics in mind.  The SST Advanced Friction™ Clutches come in four configurations to cover many different power levels and driving styles. 

Available for 10.5” and 11” applications, they are designed specifically for use with aftermarket overdrives such as the TREMEC TKO 5-speed and Magnum 6-speed with a 1.125”x26 spline input shaft.  However, they will also work with Borg Warner Super T10, Richmond 5/6 speed and Muncie 4-speeds with the 26-spline input shaft. 

All clutch kits employ a tuned sprung hub and marcel spring design for enjoyable driving characteristics. 

The STR series was made for street driving. With a 450-torque capacity and full face organic friction material, the STR has a light pedal effort with silky smooth engagement.

The GRP series is a true dual friction clutch with both a full face organic and segmented ceramic plate. This material helps raise the torque capacity up to 550 torque, but maintains the light pedal effort and smooth engagement.  This is suited for street/hard street use. 

SST’s TRK series has a light pedal effort with a more aggressive, Carlisle Ceramic Puck friction material in place of the organic.  This will be a little more aggressive on engagement and be suited for autocross and light drag racing and has a 650 torque capacity.

The highest performance level is the TRK+, built for cars geared 3.73 or shorter with a 650+ torque capacity, this full face Carlisle Ceramic Puck friction material is made exclusively for severe duty and high performance. It has a moderate pedal effort and a focus on performance over engagement.  Perfect for the frequent racer. 

All of the Advanced Friction™ clutches come with a release bearing, alignment tool and complete instructions. Call Silver Sport Transmissions to discuss which clutch would best suit you, or check them out in our webstore.