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American Motors Corporation - TREMEC TKX 5-Speed

American Motors Corporation Tremec KitsTREMEC TKX 5-Speed PerfectFit™ Kits for AMC are the simplest and most cost-effective way to convert to a modern overdrive with proven case machining techniques and compact shifters that provide the best fit and shift quality available. Silver Sport Transmissions CNC machines the TREMEC TKX case and tailhousing to streamline the case as much as possible and also move the shifter position into the factory-correct location for a PerfectFit.

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Please Note: Driveshafts are a separate transaction and may not be included in your particular quote unless noted otherwise.


AMC TREMEC TKO 5-Speed Conversion Kit

Our AMC PerfectFit™ Kit is available for the following cars:

  • 65-74 Ambassador
  • 68-70 AMX
  • 70-78 Gremlin
  • 70-77 Hornet
  • 69 Hurst SC/ Rambler
  • 68-74 Javelin
  • 70 Machine
  • 71-73 Matador
  • 67-70 Rebel

When you convert to the Tremec TKX 5 Speed, you will experience:

  • Compact, rounded case - No cutting
  • Capable of handling 600 lb•ft torque
  • Capable of 7,500 rpm shifts
  • 30-50% increase in fuel economy
  • Low RPM cruising
  • Reduced NVH (noise - vibration - harshness)
  • Interchangeable with mechanical or hydraulic clutch actuators by removing just a few bolts, no need to tear down the transmission
  • Designed for everyday street use - an ideal blend of brute strength and street manners


TKX Gear Ratios

Wide Ratio - 3.27, 1.98, 1.34, 1.00, 0.72
Close Ratio - 2.87, 1.89, 1.28, 1.00, 0.68 OR 0.81

Silver Sport Transmissions Overdrive Kit Overview


  • TREMEC TKX 5 Speed Overdrive
  • STX Shifters® - True offset for a factory-correct shifter position
  • Pilot Bearing - Super heavy-duty needle roller type with lube seal for long life
  • Installation Hardware - Every bolt you need is included and clearly labeled
  • Isolator Mount - Rubber for vibration isolation or optional  heavy-duty poly for track duty
  • Reverse Lights Connector - Waterproof connector
  • Speedometer Connection - Mechanical and electronic compatible
  • Bellhousing
  • Hydraulic Clutch Actuator Kit* - Modern technology with less pedal effort
    • Master cylinder - high-quality Wilwood
    • Heavy-Duty concentric slave cylinder - 1,000,000 cycle service life
    • Pre-engineered firewall mount for master cylinder - eliminates guess-work for easy installation
    • Remote reservoir with hose
    • Braided steel pressure hose
    • Pedal pushrod and all hardware
    • Detailed installation instructions
  • Driveshaft & Slip Yoke - Lightweight, steel, custom driveshaft for superior strength. Dynamically balanced for smooth operation and premium solid u-joints come standard.
  • Detailed Installation Instructions - Including free lifetime tech support
  • Market Leading Warranty - learn more

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Auto to Manual Conversions and Optional Parts

AMC TREMEC TKX Optional Parts
  • SST Advanced Friction™ Flywheel* - Billet steel, not cast steel, for improved durability and safety 
  • SST Advanced Friction™ Series II Clutch* - High performance, long life packages with easy pedal effort tailored to your needs
  • STX Shifter® - Short throw shifter
  • Shifter Handle* 
  • Shifter Knob*
  • Fluid - Break-In Fluid, transmission fluid, and hydraulic clutch fluid available for purchase

*Required for Automatic to Manual Conversions

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