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4WD Partners - Craft Your Conversion Kit

Silver Sport Transmission Partner Companies

When we launched the TREMEC TR-4050 product, we wanted to bring the TREMEC TR-4050 5-Speed to market quickly for as many applications as possible. We partnered with some of the leaders of the 4WD market to develop adapters, bellhousings, and other accessories needed to make the conversion to the TR-4050 work. Each partnership has something unique to offer. Call Silver Sport Transmissions to learn what's needed to make the conversion for your 4WD vehicle!

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Advance Adapters

4WD Projects

Click one of the vehicles below to learn more about some of our past and on going projects.

1964 International Scout

1991 Dodge W250

1964 International Scout 80
- On Going -  

1st Gen Ford Bronco
- Premieres Oct. 5, 9:30 AM EST - 

1991 Dodge W250
- Completed - 

2002 Jeep Wrangler
- Completed -