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Cummins TREMEC TR-4050 Conversion Kits

TREMEC TR-4050 Cummins 

Available for the following applications:

  • 4BT
  • 6BT
  • R2.8
  • 5.0


When you convert to the TREMEC TR-4050 5-Speed, you will experience:

  • Low, rock crawling 1st gear (6.16) and reverse (6.03)
  • Excellent shift feel and performance
  • Crisp, precise shifts
  • Highway cruising with an overdriven gear (.76)
  • 600 lb•ft torque rating


TREMEC TR-4050 Gear Ratios

6.16, 3.11, 1.71, 1.00, 0.76, and 6.03 Reverse


TREMEC TR-4050 5-Speed Overdrive


  • 600 lb•ft torque capacity
  • BRAND NEW - not a remanufactured or rebuilt unit
  • High-contact, constant mesh, helical gears for maximum strength
  • Die-cast aluminum alloy housing saves weight while offering considerable rigidity
  • Standard right-hand, six-bolt PTO offers the ability to run hydraulic pumps
  • The multiple rail, internal shifter provides excellent shift feel and performance
  • Tapered bearing on input, main, and counter shafts provide excellent internal stability
  • Needle bearings under gears reduce friction and noise output
  • Fully synchronized
  • Advanced synchronizer technology promotes smoother shifting and reduced shift effort
  • 5th gear synchronizer mounted to the countershaft to improve NVH in overdrive
  • 3.67 qt oil capacity


Optional Parts 

    1. STX® Shifter
    2. Shifter Handle
    3. Shifter Knob
    4. Fluid


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