Brian Woods 1979 Corvette with A41 Automatic

Hi All,

The new A41 transmission is complete, and as others have said , this is the best upgrade I could have spent money on, glad I didn't wait any longer . I had my mechanic do the install, as other maintenance was being done so it made sense for him do the install, and I'm not as young as I use to be, really couldn't see doing it on jack stands. LOL.

As I stated earlier after the delivery The mechanic who is excellent, with all this stuff said "this is an excellent swap of the highest quality, this company has gone above and beyond" He was truly Impressed and had to show it off to a couple of his ( mechanic) buddies who were also impressed and thought it was so cool that the mechanical speedo could be used ( these guys are old school hot - rodders).

As for me I can't believe this is the same car, it drives so much better, like a modern day car, it's un-believable. It's hard to explain, but I feel so much more comfortable driving it now, and if it is even possible to imagine the car seems much more as ease, hope that doesn't sound too crazy. Much quieter at highway speed and less effort on the engine.

The install went without a hitch everything that was needed was there, and all the components worked great together, no second guessing, and excellent installation instructions, I don't know why anyone would buy anything other than a SST Perfect Fit conversion.

Thank You for a great product, everyone at SST has every right to be proud of their product!

Brian Woods

1979 Corvette A41 Automatic 4 Speed

Out with the old...

Old Transmission

In with the new!

Silver Sport Transmissions A41 Automatic 4-Speed


Installing A41 1979 Corvette


A41 Automatic 1979 Corvette


A41 Automatic 1979 Corvette


1979 Corvette A41 Console